Frequently Asked Questions

How do your sessions work?

Headshots are about connection, presence, and relaxation. We keep the session super laid back. I book in 2 hour blocks, so there is never a rush. We shoot until we’re done. I’ve never counted clicks, nor have I ever counted “looks”. If you are planning a massive appearance change (mid-session facial hair shave, or curly vs. straight hair, etc.), we should plan it in advance. Otherwise it only takes a minute to change a shirt and fix your hair, right?

In my experience, most sessions finish around the 1:40 mark, so the standard session length gives plenty of time.

Where do we shoot?

Location choice is ultimately up to you. I have an indoor studio that utilizes strobes and natural light, and I am in a beautiful part of Santa Monica with amazing light throughout the day. I will generally utilize both environments in a single shoot, but for those who don’t like the idea of shooting in public, or for those who get itchy just thinking about a studio, don’t worry either way. I got you covered.

What do I wear? What about make-up?

In general, just try to imagine what you’d wear to an audition, and do that. Anything that regularly makes people say “that brings out your eyes,” bring that. You want to feel great in what you’re wearing, so bring your favorites. I have an iron and steamer on-site should we need to get the wrinkles out.

Layers are great. Bring your favorite Jacket.

Also in general, it’s better to be too simple than too busy. A headshot session is all about the eyes, not the accessories. But if it makes you feel great, bring it.

Men: you really don’t need makeup, but bring powder if you have it.

Women: don’t go heavier on makeup than you would at an audition (specifically don’t overdo the eye shadow or cheek rouge).

What about touch ups?

I keep the mother of all make-up artists on-site, and her name is Photoshop. Old school photographers may cringe, but we are most certainly in the 21st Century now. You don’t need to know what high-pass sharpening or frequency separation is when it comes to digital retouching, but I do. And I’ll use them, along with every other tool in my arsenal to deliver top quality, non-destructive touch ups that make you look your best, without making you look any less like 100% natural YOU.

Is there anything else that I should bring?

Yes! A calm, open, relaxed attitude. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, free from the stress of the rest of your day. If there’s music that will set the mood for you, my bluetooth speaker is at your command. If you know it’s gonna take a glass of wine to loosen up, bring a bottle! (I may join you.) Your puppy is welcome to join us too if that’s what warms you.

Pick your clothes the night before. Give yourself plenty of time to get here, and know that no matter what we will not rush your session. This is about you looking great, and if you don’t feel great then remedying that will be top priority.

What happens after the shoot?

I take post production very seriously, and stay consistently up to date with best practices regarding retouching. To begin I’ll go through every photo and eliminate all the unacceptable shots (blinks, soft focus, awkward expressions, etc.). I’ll then optimize ALL of the remaining photos to bring out their most beautiful color, exposure, and tone. I then upload them to a dropbox gallery with a private link that you can share with your agent or manager, narrow your options, and pick your favorites. I do an professional, by-hand retouching on two of your picks (and one of mine), and give you access to all of your best full-resolution files. ALL OF THEM.